DE-OpenBlackHole 1.5+ IPTV Daily Build by ToySoft

- Supported built in Wifi on DM800HDseV2 boxes
(It could crash when you search for the Wifi, but then on the first option of the menu you can enter it manually and it will work, this until we fix this last bug)
- Stable OpenPLi base to build DE-OpenBlackHole 1.5+ IPTV
- Supports AC3+/DDP/DD+
- Feeds online (For Wifi/DVB-T Dongles)
- Triple/Trial Tuner supported
- DVB-T Dongles, install from JAM, Hauppauge, A867, etc
- Wifi Realtek, Ralink, Mediatek Supported
- IPTV+ Better Support
- Built-in 1300 FTA IPTV Channels Free
- JAM 5.3 built-in (Plugins/Addons)
- Support by Japhar Team

Available at :