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#13674 - 09/08/17 11:47 PM Albrecht AE6110 Export Mode FM Receiver
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Japhar Member
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 10/19/10
Posts: 6358
Albrecht AE6110 Export Mode & FM Receive

So with the warranty lost and gone at the click of a screw here is the export mode, the high power mode and the 0 and 5 ending mode for this Qixiang produced AE6110 Multi Norm CB Radio. Remember you need to cut the warranty sticker, this will make the warranty away. If you need a warranty don’t cut the sticker remember.

Close OP1 and you have 25615-30105 AM/FM with 4 watts Power

Hold the PTT, DN Button and the RF Gain while turn on the radio you get PL, press the UP on the mike till PH is on screen and then turn off. When turn on again the H is on the display of the radio

0 and 5 ending press and hold RFGAIN and P is on screen, this is 0 ending. Press and hold RF GAIN again and E is on screen so band to 5 ending channels

CLOSE OP2 and 10m mode is enabled, the power modification is the same as with the 11m mode.

You loose all EU norms menu in EXPORT MODE so no ending .125 in UK mode. Band DE will be the mid band for use.

DOWNLOAD CRT One, the modification is the same and can be found in the Modifications menu on the front page.

As i get increasingly asked about the Anytone Smart and the bands that it covers i have decided to put here on the blog 3 photos which will show the users, mostly who come from the USA and Chile what they can achieve via the jumpers so hope this small piece will help them.

- Smart 10m Mode (OP1 closed + OP2 closed)

Both the OP1 and OP2 are closed so this is 10m (28000-29700)

- Anytone Smart 10/11 Mode (25615-30105) (OP1 closed + OP2 open)

Release the solder from OP2 and just leave OP1 closed

- Multi Norm CB Radio Use (OP1 open + OP2 open)

Open the OP1 and the OP2 and you will have the same bands as the EU version of the Smart which is called the Albrecht AE-6110

In EU Mode you’ll get:

There you are, hope that this has helped you all a little.
Mode: EU, EUH, CE, UK, PL, E1, l12, DE, DEH
3-colors backlight
AM/FM mode
ASQ/SQ function
EMG channel CH9/19
Dual watch

smart-10m.jpg (19 downloads)
smart-10-11m.jpg (19 downloads)

Manual_Albrecht_AE6110_ENG_DE_FR_ESP_ITA_PL_RO.rar (0 downloads)

Get your Japhar Sim from http://www.japhar.com/japhar/

#13675 - 09/09/17 12:33 AM Re: Albrecht AE6110 Export Mode FM Receiver [Re: Admin]
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Japhar Member
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 10/19/10
Posts: 6358
Modes, 10, 11M and

All Bands

Rem : To change Band, turn on pressing A/F, and then select the band you want (AE-BE-CE-DE-EE-EF-GE-HE-IE-LE)



freeband.jpg (10 downloads)

Get your Japhar Sim from http://www.japhar.com/japhar/


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