Streamlink 0.11.0 (2018-03-09)

The Streamlink plugin allows streaming from various pages.

Streamlink is built upon a plugin system which allows support for new services to be easily added. Currently most of the big streaming services are supported, such as Plugins:

This is a list of the currently built in plugins and what URLs and features they support. Streamlink's primary focus is live streams, so VOD support is limited.

List here

Work with OpenHDF 6.2 , OpenATV 6.2, OpenPLI 6.1

How can I install it

Streamlink Supported Forum

Benefits of Streamlink to Livestreamer:
- many updated and new plugins - here is an overview
- Support of YT 1080p + DASH videos (via FFmpeg)


Full installation:
- simply copy all packages into the directory / tmp
- use Telnet to execute the following commands on the box:
opkg update
opkg install /tmp/*.ipk

The operation is the same as for Livestreamer, with one exception, the port number is 8088 and not 88 as in Livestreamer.
The port number can be changed in the file / usr / sbin / streamlinksrv, but before that you should stop the server.
Run the command / usr / sbin / streamlinksrv stop via telnet and restart after the change with / usr / sbin / streamlinksrv start.

If there are any problems with single plugins, then you can start the debug output on the Telnet console with the following command: / usr / sbin / streamlinksrv manualstart
The debug output can be stopped at any time with Ctrl + C; the server must be restarted afterwards.

As of VTI 13.0.3, YT-Dash Support & Opus Audio is now available; the service app or Exteplayer3 for #SERVICE 5002 is basically no longer required.

For the YT livestreams, the Exteplayer3 with #SERVICE 5002 is no longer needed, it is now also #SERVICE 4097 (the default stream service)

The FFMPEG version in the image is v3.4.1.
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