FastDOSBox 1.50 now available for the Raspberry Pi

NoRisc-NoFun ( has made version 1.5 of FastDosBox For Raspberry Pi / Raspbian available from the Pi Store (

FastDosBox is an enhanced fork of DOSBox, an open source x86 PC emulator. Based on the SVN source code of DOSBox, Users report that FastDosBox is 250% faster than the version of DOSBox on apt-get. The performance of FastDosBox is said to be comparable with that of a 486DX20

The ingredients for the "secret sauce" of FastDosBox include a fixed/ported dynrec x86 emulation part, support for dispmanx, and couple of assembler subroutines.

The benchmark used to compare DOSBox and FastDosBox, and which leads to the claim of a 250% gain in speed, is 3DBench, a benchmark often used in the DOSBox community to compare 386-486 Pentium class machines ( Running the benchmark on FastDosBox on a Raspberry Pi gives a result of 12.0 - equivalent to a 486DX20 - whereas running the version of DOSBox 0.74 on the same board gives a result of 5.

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