Rescue Mode Problem on DM9x0UHD

For rescue DM900 use usb cable and putty (serial port, 115200 bps 8N1, for the CFE stage, it's 9600 bps).

Start receiver and push ctrl+C to enter in cfe mode. Use usb stick for rescue file downloaded from internet.

ifconfig eth0 -auto
show devices
dir usbdisk0
boot usbdisk0:zImage-rescue-xxxxx

Then your receiver get in rescue mode and you can flash firmware (any tar.gz, tar.xz etc image file).

Check also :

- Rescue files
DM900UHD (eg : zImage-rescue-3.14-r0-dm900-20181002.bin) :

DM920UHD (eg : zImage-rescue-3.14-r0-dm920-20181127.bin) :


- If you have a login with username/pass, do the way explained on the post below,

- If you have NO login with username/pass requested (and no access via IP)... then you need to go the way of this post.