Testing vu+ solo Japhar OpenPLi 7.x Pre-release test image

Today I'm for a few hours back to my workshop, and the first thing I was curious about was whether the latest openpli-7.0-rc for the vusolo date 2019/01/01 still works with the Vu+ Solo clone equipped with the Japhar Vu-J chip, and it does it without any issues.

It amazes me how this old clone Ferrari box still works with the newest software when it has the Japhar Vu-J chip.

So, if you have this box, and upgraded with the Vu-J chip, then you could upgrade it to the newest openpli software.

by Johnny (http://www.jb8a8f8.com)

vu+ solo Japhar OpenPLi 7.0.jpg (4084 downloads)

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