New Japhar OS v6 with DM LATEST drivers supported!

DM800HD - 20131228-OE2.0-2-g9d9e640

DM500HD - 20140616-OE2.0-1-g5223536

DM800HDse - 20151201-OE2.0-2-g1a0d383

DM800HDseV2 - 20151201-OE2.0-2-gcfe4ce3

DM8000HD - 20140604-OE2.0-1-g8950194

DM7020HD - 20161019-OE2.0-0-gaf9c55e

For more informations :

DM800HD/DM800HDse/DM800HDseV2/DM500HD/DM8000HD : You can install the v6 images but then you will need your Japhar Sim to be upgraded to OS v6 if not already upgraded, you can upgrade your sim easily with the Plugin JAM 5.x, selecting first option "Japhar addons Manager" and option "Japhar Sim Card Flashing DM-BOX-MODEL v6". It will upgrade your sim with 2 reboots (it can easily take 5 minutes) and you will be able to use all images v3,v5 up to v6.

Only for DM800HDseV2 : Previous Images v5 will not be SSL and driver compatible so you will need to replace the driver-v5 by the driver-v6 as well as flash the SSL89-v6 if you want to use an old v5 image with Sim Japhar OS v6 (SSL89-v6 will boot with v5 and v6 OS Japhar Sim).

Tutorial how to flash/program the OS v6 :