How to flash a Dreambox One UHD Android Enigma2 Receiver

This guide is intended to show how to add new Enigma2 OE2.6 Images to the Dreambox One Ultra HD Dual Android Enigma2 Linux Receiver.

Download your image of choice from here ~ Dreambox One Ultra HD
Power off Dreambox ONE UHD via the rocker switch on the rear panel.

- Turn on the Dreambox ONE UHD from the switch on the back, as soon as the LED above the on / off button lights up hold down with a finger upwards and release immediately after that the IP address will appear on the TV screen.

- Type the ip address of the Dreambox ONE UHD into a browser or http://dreamone then press enter.

- Click the "Firmware" upload button.

- Click "Browse" button. Search for the downloaded image, double click on it then Press the Go! button.
Important: Remove check marks from Backup and Restore Settings
[*] Finished successfully. You may reboot now.

- Click the "Click here to reboot" button.

Its also possible to put the Dreambox One UHD into RESCUE MODE from Telnet by sending the following commands:

Copy and paste each line into telnet / putty, pressing enter button after each.

echo "rescue" >> /proc/stb/fp/boot_mode

Follow the steps above, start from 4.

How to Flash DreamOne.png (79 downloads)