-Skin to (Maggy) VTI Team Thx
-I have Modded to Drerambox OE2.0/2.5
-Added MsWeather plugins
-Test On My DM920

To change color style:
Open BundesligaFHD plugin > Select color > Press Green Button > Press Yellow Button

How to get your city weather:
1-Open Weather Plugin from Plugins brwoser
2-Press Memu from Keyboard
3-Press Green Button (Add)
4-Write you city name in (City) option
5-Click yellow buttons (Search Code)
6-Now select your city and press green button (ok)
7-Press green button (ok) again
8-Finish Exit from plugin bu pressing Exit button

With This Command You Can Install Skin: After download and send it to /tmp

For OE2.5/2.6 (deb)
dpkg -i --force-overwrite /tmp/*.deb

For OE2.0 (ipk)
opkg install --force-overwrite /tmp/*.ipk