US companies rush to apply for Huawei trade permits

US authorities received more than 130 applications from companies looking to supply to Huawei since the Chinese vendor was placed on a trade blacklist in May, Reuters reported, marking a rapid jump from the figure disclosed last month.

According to the publication’s sources no licences have yet been granted, though the ban on supplying goods to the company is yet to take effect after a second temporary licence was approved earlier this month.

In July, it was widely reported 50 companies had applied to the US Department of Commerce for clearance to sell goods to Huawei.

Several US companies are expected to take significant financial hits should the export ban to Huawei be imposed. However, given the ongoing war of words between China and the US and regular comments from US officials making security accusations, an end to the row does not appear to be in sight.

Huawei has repeatedly dismissed claims made against it and has called for the trade blacklisting to be completely revoked. Last week it also hit out against a decision to add a number of its affiliates to the banned entity list on grounds of national security.

In its statement last week, the company said it had been “treated unjustly,” adding the actions of the US authorities “violate the basic principles of free market competition. They are in no one’s interests, including US companies.”