CB2 micro


- Standalone, no need for a PC to program and display.
- 16 foreground and background colors (PAL/NTSC) on TV SCART (RGB/Hsync/Vsync), pseudographics and B/W composite. Color composite/HDMI/VGA support with external converters.
- Sound with envelope and volume adjustment.
- PS/2 keyboard (or USB with adapter), RS232, 2x serial TTL, LPT, 8x A/D inputs and I2C, all BASIC controlled.
- Tiny-BASIC with featured embedded editor, Chip8, SCHIP, 8080 and AVR-native binaries supported.
- 8 programs storage in internal flash, cross programs calls, external flash and EEPROM options.
- Terminal program, color terminal, X-modem transfer, PC connectivity, networking.
- Games, applications, libraries and hardware extensions available. Automatic program execute option on boot.
- Easy to assemble, through hole components and cheap!
- And much much more to discover yourself...

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