Repair Frontprocessor Firmware flashing Dreamone by error on DreamTwo.

If the tuner in e2 works, but there is no picture / sound. Or if nothing is found during the channel search, it is very likely that the front processor software is wrong.

To repair the whole thing you have to proceed as follows:

First of all, flash another image for the DreamTwo, if you haven't already done so.

Open a terminal via Telnet / SSH or via a serial console. (if necessary, generate a password for the root user beforehand via the graphical user interface)

Then execute the following commands:

cd /tmp
flash-nrf52 --force --program --verify --start central-two-noreset-200423-1.12.hex

If the download does not work on the box, you can also download the central-two-noreset-200423-1.12.hex file on the PC by right-clicking on the link and saving it as. And then upload this file to the box via FTP or Samba in the / tmp folder.

Then execute the commands described above without the wget.

The following expenses must then come about:

root@dreambox:/tmp# wget
Connecting to (
central-two-noreset- 100% |*******************************************************************************************************************************************| 535k 0:00:00 ETA
root@dreambox:/tmp# flash-nrf52 --force --program --verify --start central-two-noreset-200423-1.12.hex
force update
open external fw 'central-two-noreset-200423-1.12.hex'
flashing... 16 bytes @0x1e000
....... it takes a few seconds / das dauert dann ein paar Sekunden...
success: 199292 bytes written
verifying... 16 bytes @0x31800
success: 398584 bytes verified

After a reboot, the box should work normally again.

Command to check your version of FP Firmware
cat /proc/stb/fp/fp_version

central-two-noreset-200423-1.12.rar (14 downloads)

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