- Switch box off
connect lan to network
connect serviceport (miniusb) to pc
windows 10 -> The drivers are installed automatically
check com port in devicemanager com & lpt (example Silicon Labs COM8)
connect power to the box (not switch on)

- Start putty.exe
point to from SSH to Serial
change Hostname to ur Comport (example com8)
click open
switch box on
press ctrl+c
if u can see CFE> u are ready for starting tftp
start pumpkin.exe allow firewall to connect

- Back in telnet execute
ifconfig eth0 -auto
u can see ur ip to connect later
boot -tftp -elf XXX.XXX.XXX.X:rescue-dm820.bin (replace XXX.XXX.XXX.X with the ip from the pumpkin pc)
so now u are almost done

- Links below for the latest rescue bootloaders bin.

DM52xHD : https://dreamboxupdate.com/opendreambox/2.5/unstable/images/dm520/index.php

DM820HD : https://dreamboxupdate.com/opendreambox/2.5/unstable/images/dm820/index.php

DM7080HD : https://dreamboxupdate.com/opendreambox/2.5/unstable/images/dm7080/index.php

DM900UHD : https://dreamboxupdate.com/opendreambox/2.5/unstable/images/dm900/index.php

DM920UHD : https://dreamboxupdate.com/opendreambox/2.5/unstable/images/dm920/index.php

Recovery Package MEGA : https://mega.nz/file/OSxkSbjI#Lp1AcS0_SFlUerfMjSiOiNW2ElH-uResgI92HwbzZ2g
DM8000, DM800se, DM500HD, DM800HD, DM7025, DM7020s, DM7000, DM500s
VU+ Solo, VU+ Uno, VU+ Duo, Kathrein UFS910
Tivusat, TNTSat, Fransat, SSR/TSR, BBC1-2-3/ITV
DE-OpenBlackHole 1.4 image : http://www.openblackhole.com/