Dish in talks to sell Boost Infinite on Amazon

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported Dish Network had entered discussions to sell its Boost Infinite service on Amazon, a move tipped to give a much-needed lift to the post-paid brand.

WSJ stated details of the Boost Infinite tariffs could be available on Amazon by June.

The move would presumably drive more subscribers to Boost Infinite, which has apparently struggled to sign up customers after a cyberattack in February.

Wave7 Research principal Jeff Moore told Mobile World Live offering Boost Infinite on Amazon “would be a positive step forward, but only a small step”.

He argued Boost Infinite will require physical retail stores, citing the more than 4,000 associated with Dish Network’s prepaid Boost Mobile brand, but noted the company had largely failed “to be serious” about such a strategy.

“Boost Infinite has been a real clown show in terms of retail distribution,” he said, adding “you cannot compete nationally at scale without having a brick-and-mortar retail presence”.

Its prepaid brand sells services through several large US retail chains.

Company chiefs have previously outlined plans to offer iPhones and expand the portfolio of LTE devices available to Boost Infinite customers.