Xiong Mai IP Camera Firmware Update

Configuration and firmware of Chinese IP cameras Config & Firmware

Chinese IP cameras occupy the lower and middle price segments of the market. Today, users can purchase good quality and low price megapixel IP cameras from many Chinese manufacturers. Although the manufacturer usually provides standard technical support, you will be interested to learn more about these IP cameras. In this article, we will provide some professional information for the technical support of these IP cameras.
1. How to choose the right firmware to update?

Most Chinese IP cameras are based on modules from Xiong Mai tech. , so this article will be applicable to other IP cameras based on this solution, on processors: Hi3516C, Hi3518C and Hi3518E, as well as Hi3516D/Hi3516A.

- 1.0MP Camera Modules: IPG-50H10PL-S, IPG-50H10PL-AE, IPG-50H10PL-B, IPG-50H10PL-P, Camera modules 1.0MP WDR: IPG-52H10PL-B, IPG-52H10PL-P
- 1.3MP camera modules: IPG-53H13PES-SL, IPG-53H13PES-S, IPG-53H13PLS-S
Camera modules 1.3MP Aptina CMOS: IPG-53H13PL-S, IPG-53H13PL-AE, IPG-53H13PL-B, IPG-53H13PL-P
Camera modules 1.3MP Sony Low Light CMOS: IPG-53H13P-S, IPG-53H13P-AE, IPG-53H13P-B, IPG-53H13P-P
- Camera modules 2.0MP CMOS Low Light: IPG-53H20PL-S, IPG-53H20PL-AE, IPG-53H20PL-B, IPG-53H20PL-P
- 4.0MP camera modules: IPG-83H40PL-B
- 5.0MP Low Light Camera Modules: IPG-83H50P-B, IPG-83H50P-P

Camera modules 1.0/1.3MP Hi3518E: IPG-50H10PE-S, IPG-50H10PE-SL, IPG-53H10PE-S, IPG-53H13PE-S
P2P IP Camera Modules: IPM-50H10PE-O(R), IPG-50H10PL-R, IPG-53H13PL-R
Wi-Fi camera modules: IPG-50H10PE-WP, IPG-53H13PE-WP
Panoramic camera module: IPG-53M10F-B
Intelligent analysis modules: IVG-HP200S-SE, IVG-HP200S-AE, IVG-HP201Y-SE, IVG-HP201Y-AE, IVG-HP203Y-SE, IVG-HP203Y-AE, IVG-HP500NR-AE

To update the IP camera firmware, you need to find out the version of the device. Each camera needs its own firmware. To check the device version of Xiong Mai IP camera, you need to open the web interface of the camera, then select [Device Config]> [Setting]> [Info]> [Version].
How to know the camera device version from Xiong Mai

From this window, we need a number after V4.02.R12. This number contains 17 digits separated by a dot.

000 06 510 . 10010 . 1407

abc de fgh . jklmn . opqr
abc Manufacturer's OEM ID

de Platform ID 00: TI, 03: TI (_S models)
04: Ambarella
17: Grain Media
01: Hisilicon 16M
02: Hisilicon 8M (S38)
05: Hisilicon 16M
06: Hisilicon 8M (Hi3518E)
14: Hisilicon Hi351616d
18: Hisilicon v200
20: v200+WiFi
35: Hi3516E 8M
40: Hi3516E 16M
23: XM510

fgh Device version
j cloud service 0: No; 1: yes
k Basic video analytics 0: No; 1: yes
l Advanced video analytics 0: No; 1: yes
m ONVIF server (IPC) 0: No; 1: yes
n ONVIF client (NVR) 0: No; 1: yes

opqr R&D version

Circled in red in the picture are the numbers that we need to find our firmware. If your first three digits are different from 000, then you have modified firmware from the OEM manufacturer. Usually, these changes relate to the web interface and localization, so feel free to replace them with 000, the resulting number is the desired version of the device, and use it to look for the firmware in the table below.
2. Download links

Until recently, navigation on the website of the module manufacturer Xiong Mai was very inconvenient, it was not easy to find the required firmware, so we started this page with a collection of links. The manufacturer has now re-uploaded firmware updates to its resource xm030.cn, sohu and baidu are no longer available, links to them have been removed. The mirror on Yandex disk contains, in addition to the latest versions, all the previous ones that were freely available, as well as some exclusive ones from different vendors. To download the firmware, you need to click on the icon opposite your version: xm- firmware from the manufacturer's website, yadisk- archive from Yandex disk, cctvsp- firmware from our website with the integrated IPeye service.

Updates of materials here occur regularly, I recommend adding this page to your bookmarks.

Device version Product Model Signature The latest firmware from the manufacturer's website Archive of previous versions on Yandex disk Firmware with IPeye cloud service support
IPC Firmware
TI platform
00000503 BLOCK365_5003L BLOCK365_VGA
00000504 BLOCK365_5004 BLOCK365_VGA
00000510 BLOCK365-5010L BLOCK365_5010L
00000513 BLOCK365_5013L BLOCK365_720P_CMOS
00000520 BLOCK365-5020L BLOCK365_2M
00000523 BLOCK365_5213 BLOCK365_5213
00000531 BLOCK365_5313 BLOCK365_5313
00000563 BLOCK365_5013D_D_External BLOCK365_720P_CMOS
00000570 BLOCK365_5020D_D_External BLOCK365_2M
00000604 BLOCK365_6004 BLOCK365_CVBS
00000606 BLOCK365_6006 BLOCK365_650
00000613 BLOCK365_6013 BLOCK365_720P
00000703 BLOCK365_K5003 BLOCK365_K5003
00000710 BLOCK365_K5010 BLOCK365_K5010
00000803 BLOCK365_R5003 BLOCK365_ROBOT
00000804 BLOCK365_IVM_6004 BLOCK365_IVM_6004
00000810 BLOCK365_R5010L BLOCK365_IVM_5010/BLOCK365_R5010L
00000814 BLOCK365_IVM_5004 BLOCK365_IVM_5004
00000823 BLOCK365_IVM_5213 BLOCK365_IVM_5213
00000831 BLOCK365_IVM_5313 BLOCK365_IVM_5313
Hisilicon Platform
00001510 IPC_HI3518C_50H10L (old)
IPC_HI3518C_50H10L_AE (new) 50H10L
00001520 IPC_HI3516C_50H20L 50H20L
00001521 IPC_HI3518C_52H10L 52H10
00001531 IPC_HI3518C_53H13 (old)
IPC_HI3518C_53H13_AE (new) 53H13
00001532 IPC_HI3516C_53H20L 53H20L
00001538 IPC_HI3518C_53H13P_IMX138 53H13_IMX138
00001710 IPC_HI3518C_KA50H10L HI3518E_KA50H10L_S39
00001810 IPC_HI3518C_RA50H10 RA50H10L
00001831 IPC_HI3518C_RA53H13 RA53H13
00001900 IPC_HI3518C_N51813 N51813
00001901 IPC_HI3516C_N52020 N51820
00001902 IPC_HI3518C_N51013 N51013
00001905 IPC_HI3518C_N51813L N51813L
00001906 IPC_HI3516C_N51820L N51820L
00001907 IPC_HI3518C_53H13AF 53H13AF
00001908 IPC_HI3516C_53H20AF 53H20AF
00001928 IPC_HI3518C_53H13AF_2880_RT3070 53H13AF_2880
00001929 IPC_HI3516C_53H20AF_2880_RT3070 53H20AF_2880
00002510 IPG-50H10PL-S 50H10L_S39
00002520 IPG-50H20PLS-S 50H20L_S39
00002531 IPG-53H13PL-S 53H13_S39
00002532 IPG-53H20PL-S
IPG-54H20PL-S 53H20L_S39
00002538 IPC_HI3518C_53H13P_IMX138_S38 53H13_IMX138_S39
00006210 IPC 50H10Q_S HI3518E_50H10Q_S39
00006231 IPC 53H13Q_S HI3518E_53H13Q_S39
00006510 IPG-50H10PE-S
IPG-50H10PE-SL HI3518E_50H10L_S39
00006531 IPG-53H13PE-S
IPG-53H13PET-S HI3518E_53H13_S39
00006538 IPG-54H13PE-S HI3518E_53H13_IMX138_S39
00006810 IPC_HI3518E_RA50H10L_S38 HI3518E_RA50H10L_S39
00007510 IPC_HI3518E_50H10L_8188_S38 HI3518E_50H10L_8188_S39
00007531 IPC_HI3518E_53H13_8188_S38 HI3518E_53H13_8188_S39
00007518 IPC_HI3518E_C50H10_8188_S38 HI3518E_C50H10_S39
00007810 IPC18E_RA50H10L_8188_S38 HI3518E_RA50H10L_8188_S39
00007831 IPC18E_RA53H13_8188_S38 HI3518E_RA53H13_8188_S39
00010850 IPG-83H50P-B
IPG-83H50P-P 83H50

00014830 IPC_HI3516D_83H30 HI3516D_83H30
00014840 IPG-83H40PL-B
IPG-83H40PL-P HI3516D_83H40
00014843 IPC_HI3516D_83H40AF HI3516D_83H40AF
00014900 IPC_HI3516D_N83020 HI3516D_N83020
00014911 IPC_HI3516D_83H20 (old)
IPC_HI3516D_83H20_AE_RT3070 (new) HI3516D_83H20
00039912 IPC_HI3516D_83H40W_RT3070 (old)
IPC_HI3516D_83H40W_AE_2G_RT3070 (new) HI3516D_83H40W

00014913 IPC_HI3516D_83H20AF_RT3070 HI3516D_83H20AF
00014914 IPC_HI3516D_N81820_RT3070 HI3516D_N81820
00014915 IPC_HI3516D_N81840_RT3070 HI3516D_N81840
00014927 IPG-HP500NS-A HI3516D_83H50N
00018510 IPG-50HV10PT-S
IPG-H100T-S-E36 50H10L_S38
00018531 IPG-53HV13PA-S
IPG-53HV13PT-S 53H13_S38
00018520 IPG-50HV20PES-S
IPG-H200NS-S-E36 50H20L_18EV200_S38
00018532 IPG-53H20PY-S 53H20L_16CV200_S38
00018813 IPC_HI3518EV200_RM50H20L_S38_8188EU RM50H20L_S38
00019531 IPC_HI3518EV200_53H13 53H13
00019976 IPC_HI3518EV200_N51820N N51820N_18EV200
00020510 IPC_HI3518EV200_50H10L_8188EU_S38 50H10L_8188EU_S38
00020531 IPC_HI3518EV200_53H13_8188EU_S38 53H13_8188EU_S38
00020520 IPC_HI3518EV200_50H20L_8188EU_S38 50H20L_18EV200_8188EU_S38
00020916 IPC_HI3518EV200_RC50H10_8188EU_S38 RC50H10_8188EU_S38
00020917 IPC_HI3518EV200_RC50H20_8188EU_S38 RC50H20_8188EU_S38
00020918 IPC_HI3518EV200_RC53H13_8188EU_S38 RC53H13_8188EU_S38
00020953 IPC_HI3518EV200_50H20PE_AF_8188 50H20PE_AF_18EV200
00020973 IPC_HI3518EV200_RA50H20L-S_8188EU_S38 RA50H20L-S_8188EU_S38
00020975 IPC_HI3518EV200_RA50HV20_8188EU_S38 RA50HV20_8188EU_S38
00022520 IPC_HI3516CV300_50H20L_S38 50H20L
00022942 IPC_HI3516CV300_83H20AF_2812 83H20AF_2812
00022946 IPC_HI3516CV300_53H30_FB_8188EU 53H30_FB
00022968 IPC_HI3516CV300_53H50_FB_8188EU 53H50_FB
00031520 IPC_HI3516CV300_50H20L_AE 50H20L
00031942 IPC_HI3516CV300_83H20AF_2812_AE 83H20AF_2812
000319AB IVG-85H20PYA-S 50H20L_SG
00034997 IPC_LITEOS_HI3518EV200_KA53H20L_S38_HI1131 KA53H20L_HI3518EV200_S38
00035520 IPG-80HE20PS-S
IPG-85HE20PYA-S HI3516EV100_50H20L_S38
00037972 IPC_HI3516AV200_83H80N HI3516AV200_83H80N
00038510 IPC_LITEOS_HI3518EV201_50H10L_S38_HI1131 50H10L_HI3518EV201_S38
00038710 IPC_LITEOS_HI3518EV201_KA50H10L_S38_HI1131 KA50H10L_HI3518EV201_S38
00039840 IPC_HI3516D_83H40_2G_RT3070 HI3516D_83H40_2G
00039917 IPC_HI3516D_83H20-FA_AE_2G HI3516D_83H20-FA_2G
00039922 IPC_HI3516D_82H40AF_AE_2G_RT3070 HI3516D_82H40AF_2G
00040520 IPC_HI3516EV100_50H20L HI3516EV100_50H20L
00040983 HI3516EV100_N81820N HI3516EV100_N81820N
00040985 IPC_HI3516EV100_N80320N HI3516EV100_N80320N
00041520 IPC_LITEOS_HI3516EV100_50H20L LITEOS_HI3516EV100_50H20L_S38
00041863 IPC_LITEOS_HI3516EV100_50H30L_S38.Nat.dss LITEOS_HI3516EV100_50H20L_S38
000529B2 IVG-85HG50PYA-S HI3516EV300_85H50AI
000559A7 IVG-85HF20PYA-S
IVG-85HF20PY-S HI3516EV200_50H20AI_S38
000559B0 IVG-85HF30PS-S HI3516EV200_85H30AI_S38
000559CD IVG-85HF30PS-ST HI3516EV200_85HF30T_S38
Novatek Platform
0006292A IPC_NT98562_80N40PSA-RG_S38.713g IPC_NT98562_80N40PSA-RG_S38
000629G3 IVG-N4 IPC_NT98562_80N40_S38
000639H4 IPC_NT98566_80N50_S38 IPC_NT98566_80N50_S38
Goke Platform
000659A7 IVG-G2S IPC_GK7205V200_50H20AI_S38
000659CD IVG-G3 IPC_GK7205V200_85HF30T_S38
000659I7 IVG-G4 IPC_GK7205V200_85K40T_S38
000659N7 IVG-G4F IPC_GK7205V200_G4F_S38
000669HC IVG-G5 IPC_GK7605V100_83K50W_S38
000699H7 IVG-G5S IPC_GK7205V300_85K50T
000709HC IVG-G5A IPC_GK7205V300_83K50W_S38
Fisheye Platform
00012501 IPC_MOZART3C_5020F-S
Ambarella Platform
00004532 AMBARA5S_53A20L
00004533 AMBARA5S_53A30P_A
Xiong Mai Platform
00023650 IPG-50X10PT-S 50X10_32M
00023651 IPG-53X13PT-S
IPG-53X13PA-S 53X13_32M
00023652 General_XM510_RA50X10_WIFI RA50X10_64M
00023655 General_XM510_50X10-SW_WIFIXM712
XM510_50X10-SW_WIFINVRXM712 50X10-SW_64M

00023657 XM510_RA50X10-C_WIFIXM712 RA50X10-C_64M
00023658 General_XM510_50X10-SWI_WIFIXM712 50X10-SWI_64M
00023660 XM510_50X10-SWC_WIFIXM712 50X10-SWC_64M
00023661 XM510_50X20-SWL_WIFIXM712 50X20-SWL_64M
00023662 XM510_RA50X20-C_WIFIXM712 RA50X20-C_64M
00023663 XM510_50X30-SWL_WIFIXM712 50X30-SWL_64M
00023664 XM510_50X10-SWCL_WIFIXM712 50X10-SWCL_64M
00023665 XM510_RA50X20_WIFIXM712 RA50X20_64M
00023666 XM510_50X20-SWC_WIFIXM712 50X20-SWC_64M
00023668 XM510_50X10-SW-S_WIFINVRXM712 50X10-SW-S_32M
00023669 XM510_50X10-SWL-S_WIFIXM712 50X10-SWL-S_32M
00030677 IVG-85X20PS-SV XM530_50X20-HTH_8M
00030678 IVG-80X20PS-S
IVG-85X20PYA-SC XM530_80X20_8M
00030679 IVG-85X50PYA-S
IVG-83X50PS-S XM530_80X50_8M
00030682 IVG-80X40PS-S XM530_80X40_8M
00030695 IVG-80X20PQ-WPN XM530_R80X20-PQ_8M
000309ED IVG-85X30PSA-ST XM530_80X30T_8M
00060759 IIPC_XM580_85X80L.Nat.dss.OnvifS.HIK_V5.00.R02 XM580_85X80L_16M
Grain Media Platform
00017501 IPC_GM8136S_50V20PL-S 50V20PL-S
00017502 IPC_GM8135S_50V10PL-S 50V10PL-S
00017503 IPC_GM8135S_R50V10_8188EU SkipCheck
00017504 IPC_GM8135S_53V13PL-S 53V13PL-S
00017505 IPC_GM8135S_R53V13_8188EU R53V13
00017508 IPC_GM8135S_R50V10-H_8188EU SkipCheck
00017535 IPC_GM8135S_RM50V10_8188EU RM50V10

Attention! Be careful when updating if you have a WiFi camera, as there are no WiFi drivers in the official firmware. Also, cases have become more frequent when, after flashing cheap PTZ cameras, PTZ and Zoom stopped working. The fact is that these cameras are made from ordinary modules with modified firmware, where control is taken from the UART debug port. If you have such a camera, please email/Viber/Telegram before updating.
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