Play it again, Fred!

Here comes Fred again! Here is a new chance to take back this fantastic game again! Certainly everybody can remember this nice guy who collects treasures pyramid to pyramid where ghosts and mummies try to get in his road.

Andrew grandpa liked this game and played a lot with his grandchild. Once he had spirit to make some small special developments to make Fred more exiciting. When I saw this new version, immediately thought about publishing. Andrew grandpa didn't became exciting when I noted it but gave me the game what now can be downloaded.

He worked only on an original ZX Spectrum 48K with a disassembler program written by himselft and solved everything by head and paper like in the history time.

What did he do?
Firstly corrected some small bugs,

... then had tough Fred to put bullets in his pocket,
... gave chance to collect and store more energy,
... moreover he gave him a red-cross parcel what can save his life only one time,
... finally made the game faster and smaller than before without any huge changes.

How can we understand it?
No score bugs (sometimes the score grows automatically to 150000 points when taking a treasure).
No drops bug (there was only 1 drop at one place in the original game, now the double or triple drops are possible (not working by a bug).
More than 6 bullets.
Maximum energy level is 40 instead of 15.
Extra energy only one time if the energy level less than 5.
Around 3 times faster moving (by corrected a wrong checking algorithm)
Save 4 Kb memory.
Hold the game by 'M' key and ...
... press ENTER to continue,
... Press 'L' key to make a new pyramid and restart the level,
... press 'H' key to use red-cross parcel if the energy less than 5.

Any new idea to the future?
... for example an engraver and a hammer to go throught the wall only one or two times
... or some dynamites ...

Respect for authors, thanks to
Fernando Rada
Paco Menendez
Carlos Granados

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