NTV-Plus switches from the French IT broadcasting system to the Chinese (Customers: NTV Plus Moscow; Telecommunication and communication)

In early May 2024, it became known that the digital and satellite television operator NTV-Plus intends to abandon the French IT broadcasting system, which has been used since the 2000s. Instead of a European solution, a platform developed in China is expected to be implemented.

According to the Kommersant newspaper, the NTV-Plus operator has been using the French conditional access system (CAS) from Viaccess for a long time. The CAS platform is a hardware and software mechanism for accessing paid coded digital satellite, over-the-air and cable TV channels and radio stations (radio channels). However, in the current geopolitical situation, it became necessary to switch to an alternative solution.

NTV-Plus intends to abandon the French IT broadcasting system

The rejection of the French CAS, as noted, is due to the "unfriendness" of the supplier, "as well as the fact that in the summer of 2023 the company was subjected to a hacker attack." In addition, after the start of a special operation in Ukraine, "problems arose when working with suppliers from the United States."

Against the background of sanctions, satellite TV operators in Russia began to look for domestic solutions. Thus, GS Lab (part of the GS Group) offered the market to use its CAS - DRE Crypt, which is used by Tricolor. But NTV-Plus, Telekarta and MTS turned out to be from the idea, in return they proposed to create a domestic CAS system, not affiliated with satellite TV operators.

It is assumed that NTV-Plus will use the Chinese Compunicate system developed by Compunicate Technology Inc. Unlike Viaccess, Compunicate has a fairly low minimum license cost. Therefore, as industry participants note, it is quite possible that "replacing Viaccess is just a way to save money amid the stagnation of the satellite communication market."[1]