Hello everybody.

I'm a little confused with all this images and technical details in so many sites so please If can somebody help me. I was given a DM800HD pvr as it is written infront of the box.

The web interface says
Device & Versions
Devicename: dm800
Enigma Version: ramiMAHER-3.2
Image Version: Release SVN(099r1), 10-11-2011
Frontprozessor Version: VNone
Webinterface Version: 1.6.8

in sim says DM800 12500 SIM210

and in flash boot SIM201 TEAM #84 www.DM800SIM2.COM the IP adress and the message ***STOP***

Is there a right image for me? Should I buy a new sim? Its a clone as I understand and an old one so does iptv with a new image will work for me?

Thanks in advance!